Room Theming

To further enhancing the Japanese theme for your wedding, we can fit-out part, or the whole of a room with panelling to dramatically change its appearance.

This type of panelling is eminently suitable for decorating a marquee.

We use light weight panelling made in several styles which are designed so that we can mix them to create a pleasing effect. We install and remove it again afterwards without affecting the decoration of the room.

Shouji panels and a lectern

Shouji panels and a lectern

Shouji (paper window) panels.

We use use real shouji paper in our panels.
And because the panels let light through, we can provide back-lighting as an attractive addition when required.

Also shown here, a speaker's lectern made in a Japanese style. It accomodates most laptop computers. The lectern is available to rent.

A takezutsu .
(bamboo decoration.)

We can alter the decoration on the takezutsu to suit your taste or colour scheme.
Available for sale or rental.
Takezutsu Display
A chozubachi water feature which can be used as a stand-alone item or as part of a larger display.

Chozubachi water feature

Rockery and foliage feature

Another feature, a bamboo planter, used
to achieve balance in a themed room.

A feature incorporating the chozubachi above.

We used this feature here to lift a plain corner of the panelling and make the entrance to the room more attractive.

We can provide similar features whenever needed.

Bamboo Planter

Visualization of panels with a "waterfall" of hanging origami.

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